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Atlanta Duffy

Samuel & Mrs Laycock

Samuel & Mrs Laycock
  • Production: The Farmer's Bride
  • Company: Wild Iris
  • Venue: Stephen Joseph, Scarborough & tour
  • Year: 1997
  • Author: Jed McKenna
  • Directed by: Polly Irvin
  • Lighting Design by: Kath Geraghy
  • Costume Design by: Atlanta Duffy
  • Set designed by: Atlanta Duffy
  • Photography by: Adrian Gatie
  • Design © Atlanta Duffy
  • Image © Adrian Gatie
With action set in rural Yorkshire in 1914, the curved wall of the cottage emphasised the growing claustophobia. Scratched into, it suggested a sepia panorama of cornfields; like a treasured, creased photo kept in a pocket.