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  • Production: Sheer
  • Company: Extant
  • Venue: Arts Depot London and Arena Theatre Wolverhampton
  • Year: 2012
  • Author: Maria O'Shodi
  • Directed by: Maria O'Shodi
  • Lighting Design by: Lawerence Stromski
  • Sound Design by: Peter Bosher
  • Costume Design by: Andrea Carr
  • Set designed by: Stephanie Johns
Sheer blends burlesque, comedy and horror in an immersive experience, theatre in the dark, which explores fear and obsession around physical beauty. Three characters arrive and are deceived by the twisted Dr Sheer, a booming voice we never see, in being exposed to his Sheer ray which slowly brings out their deepest fears and obsessions. Four costumes and an array of masks were created and revealed in bursts of toxic light in an otherwise totally blacked out environment. Bold, expressionistic and sculptural, one character, Cataracto, becomes consumed by technology and appears to be eaten by cables and wireworms, Byfuckular (featured), is consumed by insecurities and under goes progressively distorting plastic surgery.