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The Chairs

The Chairs
  • Production: The Chairs
  • Company: Extant
  • Venue: Harlow Playhouse, Mac, Lowry, Stratford Circus
  • Year: 2016
  • Author: Eugene Ionesco translation by Martin Crimp
  • Directed by: Maria O'Shodi
  • Lighting Design by: Steve Lowe
  • Sound Design by: Peter Boshier
  • Costume Design by: Andrea Carr
  • Set designed by: Andrea Carr
  • Scenography by: Andrea Carr
A prescient work by Ionesco. It has been set it in a post apocalyptic future in a disused research station with rising toxic sea levels. Invisible guests gather at the invitation of two old people, the old man is getting ready to impart a great message and has hired an Orator to speak for him. Absurdist drama, given an extra dimension, performed by visually impaired actors, it included cleverly integrated descriptions. Special attention was paid to the tactile nature of the design for the touch tour and a tactile floor plan was created with different textured zones to aid with navigation. The set is made from reclaimed scenery and objects painted in atmospheric shades of rust and toxic yellow. It is a closed loop design and will be fully recycled back to Scenery Salvage after the retour, planned for 2016.